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Female Viagra (Lovegra) 100mg 


Several factors can affect women's libido. Natural female sexual desire can fluctuate with age, the life-cycle of a relationship, and things like menopause. A lack of sex drive can be detrimental to committed relationships, leading to stress, tension, and arguments. Owning to the embarrassing nature of sexual dysfunctions, many ladies suffer in silence, opting not to seek medical help.

Lovegra 100mg

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Sexual disorders can cause secondary issues, including decreases in confidence, and feelings of inadequacies. But they are solvable thanks to women's Viagra for sale offered here!

What is Women's Viagra? What Does it Do?

Lovegra is a special pharmaceutical formula for ladies containing the active ingredient, sildenafil (100mg dosage) which works for men and women. Scientists from St Louis University of School Medicine reported in 1991, sildenafil is effective in reversing the effects on sexual function conditioned by a popular category of antidepressive drugs that elevate serotonin rates in the brains. Research by the Department of Urology and Biostatics (Boston Medical Center) in 2001, found that sildenafil boosts both subjective and physiologic parameters of the female sexual response.

Proven safe and gentle, it can re-ignite the fire and excitement of a healthy intimate relationship. Lovegra facilitates normal sexual responses that make sex extraordinary and unifying.

Effortlessly Buy Women's Viagra - Lovegra 100mg For Sale Online in Australia

Thinking where to buy? Purchase female Viagra (Lovegra) from our online pharmacy safely and discreetly. Order today for fast conveyance anywhere in Australia. Use the pill to restore sexual desire, reinvigorate sensitivity to stimulation, and promote extraordinarily powerful, multiple climaxes.

Explaining Mechanisms of Action

How does it work? Lovegra is a scientifical formulation designed to support women seeking sexual pleasure by providing intense sexual fulfilment. The working substance, sildenafil citrate (developed by Pfizer Inc.), is a PDE-5 inhibitor. The principle of action involves inducing increased blood circulation in the organs of the pelvis. The pinkish pill enhances vaginal lubrication by eliminating dryness, making for better, more comfortable sexual encounters.

Scientific research also suggests that the smooth muscle fibres found in female genitals respond to phosphodiesterase type 5. Nerve endings on the clitoris and vaginal walls become more sensitive, creating an intensified sensation, leading to greater satisfaction. Lovegra speeds up arousal during intercourse leading to a faster climax, which establishes deeper interest in sex more frequently. Feel the effects of sildenafil and reclaim the passion in your relationship.

Taking Female Viagra - Directions for Use

Onset is typically 30-45 minutes. Take one pink Viagra tablet before anticipation of sex. The drug's activation window is 4-6 hours, allowing for a natural progression of intimacy to develop rather than rushing. Better take on an empty stomach as heavy meals can interfere with effectiveness.

Over The Counter Female Viagra at the Best Price

Purchase feminine pills without a doctor's prescription. While we recommend GP advise before use, we don't inquire for scripts. Get over-the-counter female Viagra at the cheapest price!

Common Side Effects, Precautionary Information

Clinical studies have concluded that sildenafil is absolutely safe. Side effects are noted in less than 4% of users who observe dosing and proper precautions. These include headache, clogged nose, flushed skin, dry mouth, sleeping troubles, and dyspepsia.

Lovegra is safe during menopausal and post-menopausal periods, even lessening symptoms. Read reviews if you're considering taking it during or post-menopause.

Incomplete data exists relating to taking during pregnancy, it is unknown how the drug affects the fetus development. While the drug is not dangerous, it's not advised to take during bearing a baby as the effect is unpredictable.