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Privacy Policy

Meds2australia.com takes our obligations regarding privacy seriously. Please peruse our Privacy Policy thoroughly as contain within is information about what users should expect upon collection of personal information about them and how we use that data. Our policy is subject to change and updated periodically, so we advise visitors to continually review the document. Using this website, constitutes consent to collection and use by meds2australia.com of personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy. If you do not consent, please do not use the website.

Meds2australia.com values ​​include: confidentiality, fully protected information, discreet delivery, user-friendly service, fast response, and high quality of products.

What information do we collect?

Meds2australia.com is responsible for personal data collection and is also referred to in this privacy policy as "we" "us" and "our".

Personal data is only collected when a user registers on our website or completes an order online. It includes name, address (residence), email, credit card information, and some other data. Customer information and order history is confidential and never accessible to outside parties, but viewed by in-house technical staff. We will never disclose sensitive records unless we are legally required.

Meds2australia.com may collect other data that isn't closed as personal, such as IP addresses. We may also use cookies.

When visiting our site, we may gather usage data from you including:

  • Information pertaining to the website browsing, including page visits, location, IP and browser used to view our website.
  • Voluntarily supplied information such as data provided when registering or making a purchase.
  • Specific information incl. name, address, phone number, email, payment data, and order history.

Why do we collect personal information and how do we use it?

We only collect the required information to facilitate online transactions in accordance with Australian privacy legislation. Personal data allows us to fulfil orders and to process transactions. Your information including email will never be shared for us or posted on our website. User's data provided to us to facilitate eCommerce deals will be supplied to relevant merchants solely for processing purposes. We will not be held liable for how personal data is managed by those participating merchants. We will never make our mailing list available to companies based in Australia or abroad, even such firms whose products may interest you, without prior consent.

We cannot offer any guarantees in regards to maintaining user's privacy, and all shoppers provide their personal data at their own risk. However, we take our responsibilities extremely seriously and strive to implement all necessary safeguards to fully protect personal data.

We use customer information by:

  • Providing service, such as handle website registrations, online consultations, supply products, process eCommerce transactions, and to be compliant with legislative obligations.
  • Sending you offers on relevant pharmaceuticals that may interest you. If you do not wish to receive such correspondence, you can opt-out of receiving emails from us at anytime.
  • Sharing your information with separate entities that cooperate with meds2australia.com. Please notify us if you don't wish us to share your information with our affiliated entities.
  • Disclosing your address to couriers commissioned to deliver your medicines.

How is user information protected?

Personal data protection is paramount for our organisation. We have technical and organisational measures in place to secure personal data and our team follow all procedures to ensure user information is shielded, free of a cyber attack or physical thief. It is important to guarantee complete protection and integrity of the info supplied on our site. All information coming in is encrypted and routed through a firewall, which acts as a gatekeeper. Only specific data with proper authorisation is allowed past the firewall. Our tech department continually screens online actions for suspicious activity.

How long do we keep your information?

We store data for as long as we are legally required or we have a valid reason to retain information. This may include for the duration users remain customers, assist the resolution of disputes or enforce contractual arrangements. To uphold the obligations of statutory bodies that govern the pharmaceutical industry in the country. Whilst ever we are required or choose to retain information, we assure users of appropriate security.

IP addresses, cookies

Meds2australia.com may acquire IPs for administrative purposes, such as analytics of our site for the benefit of third party advertisers. We may also use cookies to monitor customer usage of our website. Cookies are beneficial in helping us distinguish between popular and unpopular content, generating important insight for our development team to make intelligent and informed updates. You may choose to refuse cookies, however sections of our website may not function properly as a result.

We may also use aggregated information and data in specific circumstances, which helps characterise our base to connected entities such as partners and stakeholders.

Identity Authentication

We are required to authenticate users when they place a first time order. Selling ED medicines to minors is prohibited. This data users consent to providing when accepting our website's terms & conditions is validated for the purpose of user verification as set out by our documentation.

Your statutory rights

You may request permission to access the data we or our associates hold concerning you. You may ask for amendments or corrections to your records relating to you. Verification would be required by us to ensure the accuracy of newly supplied specifics.

You may request the deletion the personal information being kept, providing we're not legally required to maintain such data and there remains no valid excuse. You're permitted to request we delete records where we've processed your personal information illicitly or when we're needed to erase your data to comply with regulatory guidelines.

Request for erasure may not be immediately granted for legal reasons; we would notify consumers if any such incidences transpire upon request of eradication.

You may object to us processing your data if meds2australia.com is relying on a genuine interest and there's extraordinary that would warrant you feeling processing your data would detrimentally impact on your autonomy. This would include using your data for direct marketing. Meds2australia.com may seek to outline appropriate grounds to nullify your rights.

You may revoke consent to process your personal data. Upon withdrawal of consent, previous processing remains unaffected and cannot be deemed unlawful.

Linked websites

We may link to third-party websites (or pages on our portal may contain names of external resources) but this does not imply we concur to other site's privacy policies. Users are strictly advised to read and acknowledge external resources policies relating to confidentiality before submitting their data.


All brands of medicines offered in the store (Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, Priligy), designs and / or logos are duly registered trademarks and patents owned by third parties. We do not own pharmaceutical brands. For instance, Eli Lilly is the owner of Cialis trademark. Sildenafil, tadalafil and vardenafil are generic names and active substances that are included in the medicines. These agents can be used by different drugmaking companies (after patent expiration date).

Contact Us

We appreciate user feedback regarding our privacy policy. If you would like to contact us or you have any questions or comments, please send all correspondence via e-mail.